We Plant Word and Sacrament Churches in the Sacramento Valley

We are a resource and support network for church planting in the Sacramento Valley region.

How do I begin?

Maybe that question should be restated as “Who should I begin with?”, because we believe that the “how” follows the “who”.  We believe that congregations are birthed in a person’s heart, and that anyone could be called to reach their neighbors with the Gospel through planting a local church.  Who has God placed on your heart?  What neighborhood, community, or township sparks your imagination for reaching the lost?  As you begin to bring these questions to God in prayer, he provides you with the tools to make the next step of faith. And we want to support you along the way. If you are interested in planting a church with Greenhouse, you can either explore our Leadership Training Program or connect directly with our staff to walk alongside you in your discernment process.


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